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Beniarrés, Benafarrez, Benarraes, Benarés, Beniarraez…,so it has been and is known the place settled on a small hill at the entrance of the Vall de Perpuchent.

The human presence develops in these lands from the Prehistory, being the Cova de l’Or the symbol more emblematic; but it is from the 5 of April of 1259 when it appears the first written documentation, stating the existence of a defensive tower and around the same a few houses.

La Solana del Benicadell


“The majestic Sierra de Benicadell sits high in the landscape, crowned by its elegant rocky crest that is recognizable at great distances: its profiles, according to the different slopes, are facets of the same mountain, which is always the same and different. the walled morphology of the dorsal length facing the still distant sea, separates with its limestone spurs two natural regions, two wide valleys “deeply marked by the millenary intervention of man, Vall d’Albaida and Foia del Comtat, while serving to a conventional provincial border between Valencia and Alicante “

El Pantano de Beniarrés

The state-owned Beniarrés reservoir began its construction in the 40’s with the aim of watering the orchards and, fundamentally, the existing orange groves in the Safor region. It has a dam of gravity of 53 meters of height and a sheet of water of 260 hectares, that allows him to embalm until 31 Hm3. The spillway, with flood gates, allows to drain up to 1000 m3 per second.